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Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Welcome to the best time if my life. Alone. All alone in this body with no one else to share it. I was so happy that I could have giggled.

Not that I did, of course.

The train sped through the winter countryside, passing through gray fields under equally gray clouds. The unbroken seas of dead grass was broken by the occasional tree, with its ugly, naked branches clawing at the sky.

I loved the view.

I got off at some station called Hanover Hauptbahnhof. I don't remember why, I think its cause I saw some cute chicks at the platform. The train sped off after its stop, I had already forgotten about it. I had left the station and was now walking into a large square, with some statue of a guy on a horse with its ass faced towards me. Nice way to greet tourists.

I walked on past the square and into the city. This was Hanover (yes, dumbass, the station was named after the city), and I had no idea why the hell I was here. So the first thing I did was hail a cab.

"Wohin?" He asked.

"Ich muss zum Flughafen fahren." I replied. "Schnell."

He nodded, and I sat inside. We got onto the Autobahn, and the driver assured me that we would reach the airport in under twenty minutes, unless of course, I would like to somewhere else.

Why the hell not?

I asked him where the fun places in town were.

He gave a sly smile. "Sie suchen eine Freundin? Ich kann Ihnen die. Guter Preis, Gute M├Ądchen."

I smiled at that too. German chicks were hot. "Geschehen."

He took the first cut back into the city, taking the cab deeper and deeper back into Hanover. I checked my wallet. Out of the six hundred thousand I had gotten from the fat-fuck, I had just about two hundred left, enough for a couple of nights on the town, at least.

The man finally dropped me off at a three story building, easily as wide as it was tall, if not more. This had to be the place. I knocked on the door, and after a minute, it opened.

A girl stood there, blonde and curious. At that second, I knew I would be banging her. She opened the fully, now smiling slightly at me. Yeah, the bitch knew why I was here. She grabbed me by the hand and lead me into a huge room, easily two stories large with inner balconies lining the walls, all the while chatting gaily in German. I just nodded and looked around, spotting a red head looking coolly down at me from one of the balconies.

Screw the blonde, I wanted this one.

But then I felt someone else by my side, and I turned to see another girl, smiling coyly at me as she twisted her arms with mine, whispering into my ears. I replied by tightly grabbing her ass and whispering back. This was an all-you-can-eat-buffet, and I had no clue where to start.

"Jetzt, jetzt! Lassen Sie ihn sein! Lasst uns mit ihm reden."

I turned to the sound of the voice. Another woman, this one older than the rest, walked into the room, smiling at me as well. But while the others were giving me dirty, naughty looks, this one's smiled was the dirtiest of all glowing brightly in the face of a potential customer.

"Welcome to the 'Mansion der Liebe', sir." She beamed. "We hope you will spend the night."

"Ich habe vor ein paar Ausgaben." I replied.

Her eyebrows went up in surprise. "Pardon me, but your German is very good. Yet I do not think you are from here."

"I'm just passing by. And I'd like a pit stop."

She smiled at that. "Of course you would, you must be tired yes?"

She turned to one of the girls. "Montieren Sie alle schnell! Wir haben einen Gast bei uns heute Abend."

The girl quickly nodded and sped through one of the doors. I stood there, now alone with her. The other girls had disappeared as well. The brothel owner took me by the arm, leading me into another room as well, all the while chatting some bullshit about the place's history.

"... even during the Third Reich, the Manison der Liebe still held its status, and even entertained many officers amongst its halls. But enough of this, as you are obviously interested in something else."

We'd reached a large pair of double doors, which after a quick wink at me, she opened. 

"I hope," She said. "That you will have a good time."

I opened my eyes, and stared at the full moon above me. There were a few clouds in the air, slowly billowing across it. The blonde snuggled against my arm, sleeping deeply. The red head still lay on top of me, asleep as well. I slowly pushed her off me and stood up, staring at the view through massive french windows. Seeing the city lights stretch for miles.

I had booked three and taken them to the best room in the highest hotel. Now I was thinking of how to blow the top three floors off, one for each chick. But you generally don't find high-grade explosives in a hotel penthouse, so it was just a bloody daydream.

Life was good. I was happy. And no one had to die yet. Except for the third girl, I knew I should have taken a brunette instead. 

I had three more weeks before he came back, though I didn't know it at the time. People say that you don't get much free time in life. Until now, I never had it. And as I looked out at the city, I realized that it was probably the best thing in life.

After sex. And explosions. And breaking a neck. And running for your life. And-

Alright, so maybe its not the best thing in life, but it definitely makes top ten.

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