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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm a little excited cause I get to start it this time. Normally he's the one talking in the beginnings, and I have to stay shut and listen to his crap. But now he's the one stuck in the room and I get to talk about this. 

I had spent the last few weeks doing nothing. Well, there were enough of bitches and booze, but nothing fucking productive. I hadn't even punched a guy in the past five days, let alone slit his throat and throw the body off a building. I needed a bang, something big enough to get the world's attention. This wasn't the first time I had thought about this, I had made so many plans of mass destruction. But no, I didn't want to blow anything yet, I needed something without using C4, but just as effective in sending a message to the world.

And then I saw her face. And I knew what to do.

It'd be perfect, all I needed to do was figure out the details, and that would barely take any time. By the end of the week everything was ready.

The M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System is manufactured by the Knight's Armament Company in Titusville, Florida. The system incorporates a Leupold 3.5–10× variable power daytime optic, Harris swivel bipod, AN/PVS-14 night sight and PALs magazine pouches. The rifle has ambidextrous features such as a double-sided magazine release, safety selector switch, and bolt catch. The magazine can hold 10 or 20 rounds and has an effective range of 800 meters. The bullet will rip through a car door and out the other and. All this made the SASS the second deadliest rifle in 2007.

Heh... So  this is what love feels like. Ma, I'm a gettin' married.

The rifle felt perfect in my arm as I glanced out of the window. The parade had started to drive by, but her carriage was still hidden from sight. A full battalion of special force soldiers marched past, their suits crisp and their boots shining. I resisted the temptation to throw a few grenades into their lot, I had to wait for the mother-load. 

Once again, I glanced out of the window at the buildings around me. I could see the tell-tale signs of others snipers positioned around the street, it was their job to protect. I had chosen well, the twelfth floor of the office building was deserted. Everyone was downstairs, eager to join the celebrations. I was hidden behind the reflective glass, and covered in a layer of camo-foil to hide my heat signature. I had done my research very well.

Only the tiny scope and barrel peered out into the streets below, patiently waiting.

You should have seen how excited I was. This was my fucking moment, and I hated him so much for ruining it.

I didn't have a choice.

Bullshit. You could have let me take the shot, then taken control. Or better still, you should have just let me be. You even did a fucked up job of escaping, and I had to pull our ass outta there. Shit man, you should just crawl back inside and never come back out. You don't even know how to treat this body.

And you do?

Saved our asses every single fucking time I took over, cleaned up every mess you made.


Crap, not this again. Listen, just carry the fuck on, will you. Stop crying over that already. Plus, they already know about Hong Kong, they want to know about now. Tell them.

................. alright.

Thank you.

Fuck off.

I blinked. I could feel my finger already pulling on the trigger, and through the scope, I could see-

Oh shit.

As I realized what was happening, I could feel the trigger pressing backwards. I think he was still controlling that hand, but I'm not sure. So what else could I do? I moved the rifle just as the trigger was pulled back and the 7mm bullet hissed through the air.

Do you know what happens if you move a sniper rifle while trying to fire it? Its not very pleasant. The recoil, which is supposed to be absorbed by your shoulder, instead came down with all its force on my collarbone. It didn't break, but I could swear I heard a slight crack, and for a second was paralyzed by the pain.

As soon as I could, I looked through the scope, frantically trying to see if I had hit her. I breathed a sigh of relief when I could see the Queen, now under the protection of an army of agents, being rushed from her royal carriage to safety.

The next second, the world around me erupted in a shower of glass and plaster as dozens of bullets burst through the window. I gasped in pain as I took two in my left thigh and another that passed straight through the fleshy part of my shoulder. I fell backwards, crashing to the ground, as I could hear even more bullets rush through. Over it I could hear the steady thump of a helicopter, growing closer and closer.

They say that when you're near death, your body automatically blocks out pain and boosts your senses and strength. I can certify that when you're near death, you're pretty much the same, only shitloads more scared.

I pulled myself to my feet. Using the walls as support, I hobbled away from the windows, across the building floor until I came over to the other side. The sound of the chopper was directly above me, and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before the doors burst open to reveal squads of men in black Kevlar with very large guns. I had left the sniper rifle where I had fallen, so painfully with my good hand, I drew out my Colt and shot at the windows on the other side of the building. The glass didn't shatter, but I knew that the bullets would have weakened it considerably.

I rolled a chair through it for good measure, sending it flying out of the window in a shower of glass.

Heh...Déjà vu

I could hear footsteps behind me. The would be here any second now. In front of me was my only escape route, and it didn't look good. This side of the building overlooked the Thames, which at this time of the year had patches of frozen ice floating on top of it. And this jackass had chosen a building which directly overlooked such a patch.

Alright, so my research wasn't perfect.

The wind blew through the opening, and I shivered. The pain in my shoulder and leg were about to make me pass out, and I could barely move. But yeah, I jumped. Fell is more like it. I could feel the wind rushing by, this strange feeling of weighting nothing and a thousand pounds at the same time, and the ice just grew closer and closer until all that I could see was the white...

I was lucky enough for me to break through. I wasn't lucky enough to stay there, as the current sent me swirling away from the hole and under the unbroken sheets. The pain in my limbs wasn't there anymore. And that scared me. I knew that the numbness only meant that I was freezing to death.

Unless the drowning beat me to it.

My lungs were screaming for air. I tried hard to break at the ice, but it was too thick over here, having spent weeks freezing to a solid layer over the water. The current was stronger now, and was pulling me down, away from the surface. Whatever oxygen I had was all but spent, and I resisted the desire to breathe in, forcing myself to calm down. Wasn't working. My senses began to dull, it grew darker, and the cold seemed to wrap itself around me as it grew darker and colder and darker and...

I think... I think I died.

And I was hoping you'd have stayed that way. Do you know what it was like not having you around? It was one of the best fucking times of my life. Scratch that, it was the fucking best time of my life. You were gone, and the second I took over, once again I had to get us out of the mess you'd gotten us into.

I got us into?! Me?! You asshole, you tried to kill the Queen, not me, if you hadn't even been there in the first place, we-

Yeah, yeah. Well as it turns out, God did save the Queen, and left us at the bottom of the Thames to boot. See? I told you he was an jackass.

Just shut up and continue.

Well, now's there's not that much to tell, you got the best part. Unlike this pansy here, I know how to swim properly, and I know that you don't fight the fucking current, you flow with it. I just had to hold on until the water swept us away from the ice to a part of the river that still hadn't frozen over. And while you were locked away inside, I reached the surface, got away safely, broke into a vet clinic, took out the bullets, and bandaged our-self up. And then after three packets of dog biscuits, I passed out.

I woke up to a screaming lady. The nurse had come in to open up all the rooms, and was more than a little surprised to see a bandaged man passed out in Exam Room 3. I quickly snapped her neck, before grabbing my clothes and quickly stepped out. The clinic was still deserted, and I left there, heading down the street. I picked up a newspaper on the way. The Headlines read, "ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON QUEEN FOILED, SUSPECT DISAPPEARED UNDER THAMES. SEARCH CONTINUES."

That was the worst part of the whole damn thing and I hated how he had stopped me from pulling it off. But every cloud has a silver lining, and this one was pure fucking gold. He was dead! Dead, and now this body was mine. I laughed with joy, startling the people walking around me. But I didn't care because now I was free! Free to what I wanted, whenever, however! This was better than sex, better than death.

This was freedom.

That is, of course, until you came back.

I had to.


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